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CAST BDI could bring you back to earth

CAST BDI is a full-service consulting,

web design & development, systems integration,

and outsourcing company, committed to delivering innovation.

We specialize in Web-Based Solutions, Website Design,

Development and IT Consulting and Services.

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The best vision insight

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CAST BDI was founded on the belief that

Business success is a clever architecture of people,

processes and technology.

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How big can you dream?

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We make it happen

Design is not just art;

it is a fundamental utility

for communication and persuasion.

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The right technology

Right away

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CAST BDI was founded on the belief that

Information Technology can have

a significant impact on the equity value of organizations.

World class competitive advantage can be providing through innovative systems.

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The power of choice

your challenge is our progress

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With emphasis on advanced open source technologies

Our industry knowledge, combined with our development centers in UK and Asia, enable us to provide our customers with the best of all possible worlds: creative designs, leading-edge technologies, industry best practices, creative designs, leading-edge technologies, industry best practices, and cost-effective, future-resistant solutions.

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You push the limit.

We measure it

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Over the past decade

CAST BDI has empowered more than a hundred companies

of many industries, from modest startups to SMEs,

to become highly competitive, customer-focused, thriving businesses.

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Our portfolio

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and more...

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Trusted to deliver excellence

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Our Service

We provide the following services:

- Website Design and Development

- Website Maintenance

- Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

- IT Consulting and Training

- Website Hosting

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Our Clients' interest always come first

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Our support

Our experienced web consultants will guide you through the entire process

of launching your website solution, advising you on the best strategy to ensure your success online.

Along with our consulting services, we also offer customized training classes

and standard training sessions for technical teams and end users at your site or online.

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Can you hear us now ?

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Good! CAST BDI is on your side.

Let us help you optimize the power of your new web solution

and ensure their successful integration into your business operations.

Enquire now, our friendly staffs will be happy to assist you!

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1609 Eton Tower

8 Hysan Avenue

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong